Whatever you can get away with.

It's Gonna Be AMAZING!

Pardon the Trump reference, although if anyone exemplifies the  willingness to ride roughshod over cultural mores and  beliefs its our President. The theme of my Kigango* series has been the Westernization of the African continent. The spiritual beliefs of Africans, here exemplified by the Kigango, are dismissed as "superstition" by many Westerners as if the some of the absurd monuments in places like Forest Lawn and other cemeteries are not their Western equivalents.. 

The Kigango is shown in the middle of a rebar column, ready to be buried in wet concrete, but already imprisoned and soon to be entombed in part of a freeway overpass or skyscraper. 

*The Kenyan  Kigango is sometimes described as a "spirit house", having the purpose of providing a dwelling for the spirit of a deceased relative. It is decorated with chip carvings and sometimes painted in various colors. The idea is to mollify the spirit who might otherwise cause trouble for the living.  If, as happens, the relatives move away from the village where the Kigango stands it is left there. Many Kigango have thus been stolen by art thieves who market them as "folk art"